When it comes to nourishing your mind, body, and spirit, do you feel called to raise your standards so you can look and feel your best as you pursue your dreams daily?

Between work, family, and life, do you feel pulled in a million different directions – and struggle to prioritize you, your health and your happiness?

Do you wake up every day, committed to being the best YOU possible, only to fall back into old patterns and habits that weigh you down rather than lift you up?

Welcome to the Modern Woman’s Greatest Challenge –

How To Make Time For Self When You’re Caring For Everyone Else.

My name is Ebeth Johnson.

As founder of Delicious Living With Ebeth, I am a culinary nutritionist and mindful eating coach who has dedicated the last 15 years to coaching, mentoring, training, and teaching women like you how to incorporate mindful eating principles into your daily life so you can enjoy more pleasure on your plate and palate while looking and feeling your absolute best as you live and pursue your dreams.

Like you, I’m also a Multi-Passionate Mama who cares about getting delicious, healthy meals on the table for my family AND running my rockin’ business AND spending quality time with friends and family AND having a life I love… WITHOUT feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, and out of integrity with myself and my health.

Think of me as your go-to guide for mastering the art of living and eating well – with delicious, whole foods that nourish your body, fuel your fire, and honor the earth. (Yeah, I get a little woo-woo from time to time. You know you love it!)

I’m on a mission to show women like you that no matter your age, how many babies you’ve had, or what the scale says, you CAN experience more energy, clarity, confidence, and vitality when you adopt Delicious Living practices into your daily life.

As a well life mentor for women, I help my clients successfully incorporate realistic practices into jam-packed days – including prepping and prioritizing flavorful, family-friendly meals, getting your sweat on, stealing away quiet moments for reflection and rejuvenation, not to mention creating intentional ways of more meaningfully inhabiting your daily life (did I mention I’m going to show you how to have more FUN?).

Together, let’s get you on the path to living well, being well, and finding more worth – all by simply Living Deliciously!


Introducing My Delicious Living Program

A 90-Day Mentorship For Modern Women Ready To Master The Art Of Living Well


I created my 90 day program for women like you who:


  • Do it all for everyone else and rarely find/make time for self or self care
  • Recognize the power of food to fuel your dreams, clear your skin, and energize your life
  • Are ready to go to the next level in your personal wellness journey
  • Have tried and failed to change your own eating habits and lifestyle choices
  • Want to eat better, but feel overwhelmed with miss-information
  • Feel called to release unhealthy habits, behaviors, and beliefs learned in childhood
  • Desperately want to change your relationship with food but DON’T want to go on another diet
  • Want to master meal planning on the go so you can enjoy preparing delicious, nutritious, and satisfying meals without stress or overwhelm
  • Are called to empower and educate your family on healthier eating habits everyone can adopt for life
  • Crave support from a trusted guide who holds safe space and loving accountability for you
  • Are ready to feel understood and supported without judgment

While I’ve been doing this work with women 1 on 1 for over a decade, this is the first time I’m bringing my heart, soul, passion, and expertise to an online group program.

My Delicious Living Program Begins Wednesday, October 16th


When you join this extraordinary circle, you will experience and enjoy:


The power of surrounding yourself with like-minded powerhouse women who support and celebrate the journey you’re all on.

Inspiration and motivation to keep going when all you really want to do it fall back into old patterns and habits

Insights and answers to questions you didn’t even know you had – but someone else perfectly articulated because they’re going through it, too

Much-needed weekly ME time to deepen into your desires, own your goals, and live in alignment with them daily – regardless of the external pressures and stresses coming at you

Group coaching calls so you learn from other people’s struggles and successes


You know the value of investing in the perfect pair of heels. In your child’s education. In your professional development.

Now it’s time to invest in you.


As someone who invests in my own personal and professional development, I know the value of joining forces with other powerful, purposeful, passionate individuals who are on fire in their lives and ready to take themselves to a higher level of happiness, health, success, and celebration.

It’s time to put YOU at the top of your priority list. To honor the woman you know you’re meant to become. And to say YES to the Delicious Life you deserve!



During our 90 day Delicious Living journey, we will:


1    Create a Delicious Living vision that inspires and excites you

2    Once and for all deeply understand where you let yourself down – and how to change that!

3    Lovingly and compassionately identify the self-sabotaging behaviors and thought patterns you’ve learned that no longer support or serve you

4   Reframe the reasons why you can’t make changes in your life so that you OWN your innate power to implement meaningful and lasting change

5   Get clear about how you get in the way of attaining your goals – and how to compassionately sidestep these hurdles

6   Cultivate realistic strategies for stress-free meal planning, prep, and plating given your busy schedule

7   Learn how to let go of perfection and embrace being a work in progress daily

8   Honor that self care is not a privilege – it is a necessity to be scheduled into your life like everything else you do

9   Deepen your relationship with food and the value it has in your life

10     Ask for and receive support that honors who you are and how you’re growing

11     Create a community of support that can sustain you for life

12    Design celebratory strategies when you accomplish goals and change behaviors

13     Finally know what to eat and how to cook for optimal health and wellness

14     Make meaningful mindset shifts, lifestyle modifications, and feel supported every step of the way

15     Find more pleasure in living deliciously

16     Lose weight and feel great!

Imagine how supported you’ll feel & the success you’ll create

It’s time to join this inner circle of just 19 other amazing women who are all committed to living more consciously and deliciously while receiving support, accountability, and mentoring!


I know that the BEST way to decide if this program is for you is to see how working with me has impacted my clients’ lives. See for yourself the benefits of Living Deliciously…
  • Working with Ebeth is genuinely one of the best investments I’ve made for my health! I already knew Ebeth was going to give me great ideas as I’d seen her give a very inspiring talk several weeks before. I took her first suggestions and lost a few pounds. More importantly, I noticed my joints didn’t hurt so much and I felt more energetic. The time and care that Ebeth gives to each individual is amazing. Not only did she teach me some great ways to eat delicious meals that I’m enjoying but she also taught me to reframe my way of thinking. My sentences are positive, not negative. It’s not “I don’t want to get sick” but “I want to keep up with the five year old when we’re dancing!” I’ve learned to fill my plate (and even my glass!) with plants. And thanks to Ebeth, none of it has been hard and all of it has been delicious!

    – Ellen Miller
  • Ebeth’s coaching, insights, and recipes on healthy eating for new and nursing moms is SOO helpful! I’m a mom who has read a lot about breastfeeding. And yet, working with Ebeth taught me some new, revelatory, and different things that have helped me to think about how to structure my diet and have a positive breastfeeding experience. I definitely recommend Ebeth to new or soon-to-be moms!

    – Tamar Khachaturian

 When you join this program and community, here’s exactly what you get

Weekly 90 minute LIVE Coaching Calls (12 total) 

30 minute lesson + 60 minute laser coaching and support
Each week, we’ll dive deep into a variety of nutrition topics and well-life practices that allow you to take control of you wellness journey for good! No more fad diets, super food crazes, and/or deprivation. This is your chance to finally get a handle on the foundational pillars of nutrition and well-life practices so you can Live Deliciously – for life!

Weekly Homeplay Exercises (12 total)

No one likes homework, but everyone can benefit from personalized and clear next steps that keep you in accountable action throughout your journey towards your most delicious life. Each week, Ebeth will create and share Homeplay exercises and activities to support you as you implement that week’s Delicious Living lessons. PLUS, you’ll receive meaningful mentoring so you stay out of your own way and in mindful momentum!


Weekly Recipes & Product Recommendations

Each week, you’ll receive delicious recipes and meal ideas you’ll LOVE and that are easy to add into your family’s Delicious Living meal plan. You’ll also discover tantalizing new treats and product recommendations that make stocking your fridge, freezer and pantry with healthier versions of old time favorites oh so easy!


Easy to Follow & Inspirational Cooking Videos

Sometimes a written recipe just doesn’t cut it. That’s why YOU get access to instructional cooking demonstrations from Ebeth that walk you step by step through the process of improving your skills and confidence in the kitchen!


Mindful Monday Check-ins

Mondays have gotten a bad rap. Throughout this program, you’ll change that and kickstart every week with powerful focus, intentions and motivations with Ebeth. She’ll check in, tune in, and offer intuitive insights and motivational messages that will jump start your week with power and purpose! PLUS, you’ll have the opportunity to share your own intentions for the week in a safe space full of loving accountability.



Mid-Week Q&A In Facebook Group

As you implement the weeks Playwork and deepen into your understanding of nutrition, cooking, and wellness, questions will arise. That’s why you have access to Ebeth mid-week via Facebook Live video Q&A



24/7 Support

Throughout the program, you enjoy unlimited email access to Ebeth where you can ask questions, address concerns, and share celebrations. You can also get delicious reboots of your fave recipes so you can continue enjoying the foods you love – with more nutrition and nourishment. In addition you can share successes, challenges, and questions while supporting your fellow journeywomen in our private Facebook Group.




Motivational Mantras

Changing your habits isn’t always easy. Throughout this program, Ebeth will offer motivational mantras to help you see yourself differently, reframe how you think about and use food, and help you envision and embody the next level version of yourself who’s ready to be realized!




My Delicious Living Program Begins Monday, September 25th


Are you in?

Yes! I’m ready to invest in my success and start Living Deliciously.

Pay in FULL or choose our Delicious Monthly Payment Plan



Early Bird Discount 
Available Now Through Midnight Pacific on Friday, September 15, 2017
$995 when paid in full or 3 monthly payments of $345

Prices increase to $1,295 or 3 monthly payments of $439 at 12:01 am Pacific on Saturday, September 16th



Your Delicious Discount: $995 when paid in full by midnight Pacific on Friday, September 15th.


Common Delicious Living Excuses – Don’t Fall Prey To Them!

I’m not sure I have the time…

I get it. There are a million reasons why now is NOT the right time to prioritize YOU. Don’t make the mistake so many of my clients make BEFORE we work together. Don’t fool yourself into believing that you’ll invest in yourself someday…

When the kids are grown
When there’s more money available

When you have more time
When your husband doesn’t need you as much
When life gets easier

Someday is code for never.

Looking and feeling better will NEVER happen by chance. Nor will aging gracefully.

Learning to nourish yourself well is a vital skill that impacts every other aspect of your life.  When you are well fed, you are energized, focused, and clear-headed. You don’t have to worry about your weight and you are protected against a variety of food and lifestyle-related illnesses.  When you implement my Delicious Living well-life practices into your daily life, you will master the art of living well while feeling more grounded, centered, and on purpose. This allows you to have the stamina you need to achieve your goals.

How will this program be different?

First, let me be clear. This is NOT a weight loss program. However, many women DO lose weight working with me. And that’s no accident. What makes my program different is that I’m not offering you a quick fix or a diet. I’m offering you a way of living that lights you up. That feeds your soul. And nourishes your spirit. And allows you to more deeply know, appreciate, and value yourself.

OK, so what tangible benefits & results can I expect? 

How would you like to wake up every day knowing that you no longer fear the scale? When you look in the mirror, how would you like to see clearer skin? How will your daily life improve without the brain fog you suffer from? How will your body feel with less inflammation and more energy? What else might change in your life and in your family when you have more confidence in the kitchen, at the store, and in the world? These are the beautiful gifts you receive – and more – when you join this program.

Here’s what my clients say about doing this meaningful mentoring work with me…
  • Working with Ebeth felt like food therapy — an opportunity to share food concerns with an expert in nutrition who can see things you may not see, ask interesting thought-provoking questions to reveal truths and revelations, and advise on recommendations. As a non-chef/nutritionist, I think about my food joys and problems a lot! It is a major focus in my life, and I commit resources to my food passion much more than folks in my circle and extended family. So, it was refreshing to have this food therapy session with an expert with a background in nutrition and who gets the struggle and joys her clients experience.

    – Laura Njanga
  • Working with Ebeth gave me amazing insights and access to the perfect combination of a coach and a nutrition expert. Ebeth listened to me and very clearly understood what I was looking for. She gave me gentle yet helpful support in the areas in which I identified as typically challenging for me. Ebeth went above and beyond in every way, including extending our calls to finish deeper discussions. Thanks to our work, I am now able to look at past decisions in a different way and eager to continue practice new habits.

    – Bobbi Russell
  • As a mentor, Ebeth offered helpful small changes and tweaks to my existing diet. The changes she suggested were never overwhelming and always doable. I also found it very helpful that she was never judgmental, but was very open and friendly. I find this to be one of the most important characteristics of a successful health coach/nutritionist. I appreciated the fitness advice that Ebeth was able to provide. As we all know, fitness/activity is an essential part of total health.

    – Michelle Hill

Are you in?

Yes! I’m ready to invest in my success and start Living Deliciously.

Pay in FULL or choose our Delicious Monthly Payment Plan



Early Bird Discount 
Available Now Through Midnight Pacific on Friday, September 15, 2017
$995 when paid in full or 3 monthly payments of $345

Prices increase to $1,295 or 3 monthly payments of $439 at 12:01 am Pacific on Saturday, September 16th



Your Delicious Discount: $995 when paid in full by midnight Pacific on Friday, September 15th.