You know you want to eat better, feel better, and live better, but who’s got time to prioritize one more thing in your daily life?!


Give me 60 minutes.

I’ll deliver you a Delicious Living Lifestyle Guide you can implement and enjoy!


Hey Busy Lady. I see you. Kicking butt and taking names at work/in your career/business, balancing your thriving social life while sporadically prioritizing ME time.

You’re someone who invests in your success. From your hair colorist to your personal trainer. Your psychic to your dog walker.

And yet… you haven’t fully committed to taking care of YOU. (You’re not alone!)


Smart, successful, savvy… and stretched pretty thin. You’re the ultimate Duality – a woman who knows the value of taking care of yourself AND someone who can’t imagine a morning without coffee or an afternoon without a “treat” to power through.



Craving answers, support, and a plan that’s going to take all the guesswork out of how to enter your next decade looking, feeling, and BEING your best.

Let’s just say I’ve got your back. And if you give me one hour, I’ll give you a step by step, easy to implement lifestyle guide for mastering your mindset, incorporating healthier, happier nutrition you enjoy into your daily life, AND a purposeful path you’re excited to embark on every day!

Introducing The Delicious Living Session



When you purchase a Delicious Living Session, you get MORE than a coaching session. You get a road map to reigniting your health and wellness goals and success strategies you can implement on a daily basis to keep you in tune and on track.

Your Delicious Living Session includes:

A pre-session online assessment that connects you to your greatest daily challenges in the areas of nutrition, stress, mindset, and wellness.

A thorough and intuitive review of your assessment that allows me to gain a deeper understanding of where you are on your wellness journey, what your goals are, and exactly what kind of nutritional, culinary, emotional and psychological support you need to successfully, joyfully and deliciously fuel your Delicious Life.

(1) Pre-session intuitive reading where I’ll tap into the energy of the universe (an integral step in my process) and deepen into not only my education, expertise, and experience, but also my powers of intuition that guide me to receive specific next steps and supportive insights for you.

(1) 60 minute phone or Skype coaching session where we’ll deeply connect and explore nutrition prescriptions, product recommendations, recipe ideas, and lifestyle guidance. We’ll then identify a clear set of goals and next steps for your ongoing success as you Live Deliciously.

Your personalized Delicious Living Lifestyle Guide. After our call, I’ll send you a thorough report with personalized nutrition and product recommendations as well as lifestyle modifications that honor your goals, support your needs, and set you up for success. You’ll also receive a recording of our call.

14 days of email access to support you as you implement your Delicious Living Lifestyle Guide. I’m here to provide answers, support, and celebration!


 Interested in booking more than 1 of these sessions?

I personally customize coaching options to meet your unique Delicious Living needs. If you don’t see what you want here, click here to schedule a complimentary Delicious Discovery Session with me.

I know that the BEST way to decide if this program is for you is to see how working with me has impacted my clients’ lives. See for yourself the benefits of working with me…
  • Ebeth teaches without judgment and is willing to work with your busy lifestyle. I continue to recommend her to my friends and clients who care about making positive healthy lifestyle choices.

    –  Kathy Pugh

    Mom & Owner of EZ8DC

  • As a non-chef nutritionist, I think about my food joys and problems a lot! It is a major focus in my life, and I commit resources to my food passion much more than folks in my circle and extended family. So, it was refreshing to have this food therapy session with an expert who has such a rich background in nutrition AND who gets the struggle and joys AND could offer such valuable support and guidance. I came away from our work with the feeling of FINALLY being understood, having a safe place to ask thought provoking questions and receive invaluable insights from a mom’s perspective, PLUS, the follow up notes, next steps, and recommendations were incredibly helpful without any overwhelm!

    – Laura
  • Last week I had my first session with Ebeth.  I genuinely believe it’s one of the best investments I’ve made into my health! Just by implementing her first few Delicious Living suggestions, I lost a few pounds. More importantly, I notice my joints don’t hurt as much and I feel more energetic. The time and care Ebeth offers is amazing! Not only did she teach me some great ways to eat delicious meals that I’m enjoying, but she also taught me to reframe my way of thinking. Now, my inner talk is more positive. It’s not, ‘I don’t want to get sick, but ‘I want to keep up with the five year old when we’re dancing!’ I’ve learned to fill my plate (and even my glass!) with plants. And thanks to Ebeth, none of it has been hard and all of it has been delicious!

    – Ellen

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