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As a speaker, media personality, and presenter, Ebeth Johnson’s energy, heart, and soul shine through in all that she does. And her expertise in plant-based nutrition, well life practices for busy women, breastfeeding for new moms, and weaning practices for nursing moms is unparalleled.

Ebeth draws on a wealth of life experience, practical education, and proven strategies to support audiences of all walks of life.

  • As Seen/Heard/In Partnership With:

  • As Seen/Heard/In Partnership With:

Signature keynotes and media topics include…

  • 7 Secrets To Delicious Living
    It’s time to deepen into what it takes to live deliciously – through food, fun, fulfillment, and more! Ebeth will share why mindful eating/delicious living can't wait for tomorrow, the benefits of delicious living vs suffering through another diet or more deprivation, AND walk audiences through 3 steps they can take to implement mindful eating and living practices in to their own lives starting today!
  • Mindful Eating For Breastfeeding & Postpartum
    As founder of The Breastfeeding Chef, Ebeth empowers new and nursing moms on how to mindfully eat to nourish themselves while feeding their baby. She  also shares mindfulness practices for mamas ready to nourish and nurture themselves, their breast milk, and their baby. AND she can touch on the common causes of low milk supply, colic, intense fatigue and more – and how nursing moms can nourish themselves and their families through what they put on their fork.
  • The Power Of Plant-Based Nutrition
    Ebeth LOVES educating, engaging, and inspiring audiences on the benefits of transitioning to a plant-based eating plan and mindful lifestyle. She’ll share startling statistics, empowering facts, and a step by step process for shifting even the pickiest eaters to plants.
  • Mindful Meals On The Go
    Everyone wants to eat better. And yet, most Americans don’t know how to stock their desk drawer, purse, gym bag, and on-the-go lifestyle with mindful meals that are easy to eat in everyday life. Ebeth will share how to easily and prep and pack clear-headed snacks, meals, and treats to fuel the body throughout the day.
  • Delicious Living For Busy People
    Discover Ebeth’s BEST time-saving tips, tools, and techniques for food preparation, simple recipes the whole family will love, how to stock a pantry and refrigerator with staples sure to please even the pickiest eaters, as well as how to make meaningful mental shifts around time constraints, healthy values, and self worth when it comes to Living Deliciously.

What my partners have to say:

  • Ebeth is gifted at combining knowledge, humor and delicious recipes to create an experience that is nourishing for the whole person. Her warm personality puts you at ease as she shares compelling information on how to choose and prepare tasty foods for wellness.

    – Meredith Anderson
    Former Program Director at the Smith Center
  • Plant-based, whole food cuisine is quickly becoming the plat du jour. But for many of us, bringing the concept to our everyday lives requires solid hands-on instruction, a twist on tired techniques and, most of all, reassurance that it will be easy, inexpensive and delicious. Enter the radiant Ebeth Johnson, who provides soul-stirring recipes and down-to-earth kitchen wisdom in each and every class

    – Riva Soucie
    PhD and Registered Holistic Nutritionist
  • Ebeth provided two amazing workshops for my staff and our clients on plant based nutrition. She is a wealth of knowledge with easy tips you can implement right away. Our clients loved the cooking demonstration and tasting the delicious healthy recipes! Ebeth is passionate about her work and a very engaging speaker. We will have her speak to our community again soon!

    – Aubrey
    Owner of Vitality Fitness
  • Ebeth’s classes and cooking demos have helped me expand my knowledge of healthy foods and easily incorporate them into my lifestyle. In her classes, she teaches me what to look for while grocery shopping, introduces me to new foods, and shares her simple, yummy recipes to try at home.  Instead of questionable processed foods, I now find myself craving Ebeth’s savory healthy alternatives. Through her helpful cooking demos, tips, and support, my eating habits have definitely changed for the better–and it’s been easy, fun, and absolutely delicious!

    – Melissa

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