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If you are an expecting, new, or breastfeeding mom, you are probably all too familiar with the excitement, overwhelm, and sometimes confusion around how to best nurture and nourish your baby while taking excellent care of yourself and your family.

If you find yourself up at night – or throughout the day – going online and Googling all kinds of questions only to get way too much information that often puts you in overwhelm vs ease, you’re not alone. Millions of mamas have come before you, felt overwhelmed, unsupported, and out of their element. And… I’m on a mission to change all that.

As Founder of, I bring my decades of experience as a professional chef, plant-based culinary nutritionist, and mindful eating coach into my work with new, nursing, and weaning moms. If you’re ready to harness the power of healthy, nourishing, nurturing foods so you can boost milk supply, heal your body after pregnancy and birth, and increase your energy, consider me your trusted advocate and guide. I’m here to help you understand how food, lifestyle, and stress play crucial roles in you and your baby’s health and wellness by addressing common new mama concerns like low milk supply, colic, cradle cap, eczema, and intense fatigue. Together, we’ll identify your unique challenges, address how they may be related to what’s on your fork, and create simple solutions that heal the root issues by removing foods that flare up symptoms and adding in delicious, whole, nourishing foods to your plate.


Ultimate Breastfeeding Food List

Discover for yourself the best foods to boost milk supply, reduce food sensitivities, and help your baby thrive!


Whether you know it or not, you can enjoy extraordinary energy, vitality, and confidence as a woman while raising healthy, happier, thriving kids.

Is it always easy? No. Is it work? Yes. Does what you eat and how you live matter? Absolutely.

How do I know?

My own journey to motherhood was far from easy-breezy.

When my daughter Cayenne Victoria was born, she cried nearly non-stop for the first few weeks of her life. Not only that, her skin erupted in rashes that she scratched tirelessly. I tried many things to soothe her. I saw an Internationally Board Certified Lactation Counselor who assured me that my daughter’s latch and the milk transfer were all working well. I swaddled her, bounced her, held her skin-to-skin, and experimented with essential oils. To stop her itching, I changed Cayenne’s soap, detergent, lotion, and diapers.

To our collective frustration, nothing comforted her cries or healed her skin.

All that changed the moment a friend of mine – a Naturopath with a specialization in food allergies – asked me about my diet. He suggested that what I was eating may be affecting Cayenne’s well-being. At first, I was skeptical.

Keep in mind that I am a graduate of NYU’s Food Studies Program. Additionally, I’m a chef who was trained by the innovative program at the Natural Gourmet Institute of Health and Culinary Arts in NYC, a culinary school that combines Japanese and French cooking technique with an emphasis on food’s ability to both prevent and address a variety of diseases. And… I made a living as a food and wellness educator teaching other people to eat well. If there was one thing I was doing right (I thought), it was my diet.

Still, Norman insisted I investigate what I was eating. Because he was a trusted friend and healer, I headed his advice and took myself on as a client.


It turns out, food was the issue.

As I made changes to my diet, Cayenne changed. She cried less and had less gas. Her skin cleared up and she scratched less. And, I soon began to lose my baby weight (hallelujah!) and I produced more breast milk.

During this journey, I joined a mommy group. Talking to other moms, I learned that Cayenne and I were not the only ones having challenges. And like me, these other moms had never considered food might be a culprit. I realized that what I learned nursing Cayenne back to health could benefit other moms and babies if I shared my experience and lessons learned.

That’s when I decided to launch The Breastfeeding Chef.


My goal? To focus my education and experience on the unique nutritional and lifestyle needs of breastfeeding and weaning moms and to support moms and babies who are ready to transition to solid foods.

Today, I have the privilege and pleasure of teaching expectant and breastfeeding moms how to use whole foods to nourish their breast milk, launch their children on a lifetime path of wellness, and nurture their own health along the way. It has become my absolute joy and pleasure and a wonderful mom-focused addition to my Delicious Living principles.


Craving support? I’ve got your back, Mama!

Together, let’s explore the most nutritious, milk making, delicious foods for you and your little one so you can nourish yourself, boost your milk supply, and lovingly feed your baby. Everything I teach you is a combination of professional education, knowledge gained from nursing my own baby, the stories of mothers I’ve worked with, and finally, science-based nutrition information.

My work is simple, straight forward, and compassionate – with a touch of tough love when you need it.  

I believe that mothers are the stewards of the health of their babies, their family, and their community. It is my hope that through our work together, you will gain the information, skills, and tools you need to create a nourishing food environment for you, your breast milk, and your loved ones.

See for yourself the benefits of  working with me…
  • Ebeth’s knowledge of pre and post-natal care runs deep. She is passionate about healthy outcomes for moms and babies through careful diet and body care. I participated in her baby care and eating for breastfeeding classes and took away many important lessons. She is also impressively creative with her recipes and sensitive in her approach. She truly understands that much of what she imparts has to be adapted to meet an individual mom’s unique needs.

    – Sasha
  • I highly recommend Ebeth’s work for all expecting moms and support family. She speaks and mentors from experience, which lends a lot of credibility to her coaching. The information that Ebeth offers soon to be moms is so valuable – you will never get this from your doctor!

    – Rebecca
    Grandmother & Regional Buyer for Whole Foods Market
  • Ebeth’s coaching, insights, and recipes on healthy eating for new and nursing moms is SOO helpful! I’m a mom who has read a lot about breastfeeding. And yet, working with Ebeth taught me some new, revelatory, and different things that have helped me to think about how to structure my diet and have a positive breastfeeding experience. I definitely recommend Ebeth to new or soon-to-be moms!

    – Emily
    New Mom

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Ultimate Breastfeeding Food List

Discover for yourself the best foods to boost milk supply, reduce food sensitivities, and help your baby thrive!