If you are a woman who cares deeply about life – from your career to your family, friends, fitness, free time (ha!), and fabulousness – you can’t afford to phone it in when it comes to eating mindfully or living well.

Chasing “balance” isn’t  the answer to what allegedly ails you.

You DON’T need to go on a diet or buy into the latest health, fitness, or lifestyle craze.

What you DO need? Some real world, tough love, compassionate, AND candid coaching around what it takes to eat well, feed your family, and enjoy yourself.


You’ve gained a little weight, your skinny jeans don’t fit like they did 5 pounds ago and your muffin top makes you cringe.
Your stress level sends you reaching for culinary comfort, even when you don’t want to and it doesn’t even feel good!
You’re overwhelmed by how to feed the picky eaters in your house while making sure YOU get your nourishment – without spending hours in the kitchen!
You want to eat well, but let’s face it. You DON’T like to cook!


That whole Having It All & Being it All mantra you’ve been chasing is now chaffing your last nerve.


As a mindful eating and well life mentor, I’m here to debunk the lies you’ve been fed – by society, your family, and yourself – when it comes to eating, living, and loving yourself.

I’m here to meaningfully mentor you out of the old stories, beliefs, and behaviors that keep you from Living Deliciously.

I’m here to help you rewrite the rules of what feeding your body, fueling your mind, and living your life look and feel like.

And I’m here to do it on terms that honor who you are in this moment. Right here. Right now.  And in preparation for the you, you are ready to become or the you you are becoming.

The only thing I need from you? An open mind. A desire for better. A willingness to show up for yourself at the level you show up for others in the world.

Nothing I do with you is cookie cutter…

As a coach and mentor at Delicious Living, I’ve created several empowering approaches to coaching that often speak to where you’re at right now. See which powerful program below resonates. And then set up your complimentary Delicious Discovery Session with me here.

  • Working with Ebeth was a life-changing experience. It is so interesting and refreshing to speak with someone who understands nutrition, cooking, wellness and motherhood and who wants to help you BE better as a mom and a woman.  With Ebeth’s help and guidance, I was able to relieve my daughter’s constipation simply by changing what she was eating. Ebeth was even able to share with me WHY the changes I made to her diet would work. This information is priceless!

    – Andrea
  • Working with Ebeth is like working with a food therapist who can see things you may not see, who asks interesting and thought provoking questions to reveal truths and revelations, and who provides advice and recommendations. It was refreshing to have this ‘food therapy’ session with an expert with a rich background in nutrition who gets the struggle and joys of motherhood and has advice.

    – Laura
  • I loved my session with Ebeth! I was so appreciative of her deep knowledge of nutrition and food. What impressed me the most was that in just a matter of a few minutes she was able to help me find adjustments to my diet that I believe can help me in losing my pregnancy weight. It was truly amazing that she never once stumbled or hesitated to be able to give me very helpful information. She really knows her stuff! I’m so thankful and look forward to implementing her recommendations.

    – Michelle